About This Site

About This Site

This site is written and produced by me, Alex Priest.

Back End

This website is proudly published using Ghost. Beautiful software by great people. It's running on an Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) Linux server managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). I don't love feeding the beast, but AWS does a great job supporting startups, founders, and entrepreneurs, and credit where credit is due. I use the excellent, privacy-focused Fathom Analytics for analytics and reporting.

Front End

My website's design is a custom fork of the fantastic Dawn  theme by Ghost. You can get my version here. The fonts I've used are Orpheus (headers) and Apertura (body).

My headshot was taken by my incredible and talented wife, Miranda. All other images are either taken and edited by me (using Adobe Lightroom) or courtesy of Unsplash, unless otherwise noted.

Essential Apps

  • Fathom Analytics powers my reporting and tracking (please use them for your own website if you don't already!)
  • Formspree powers my contact form
  • Mailgun powers my email newsletter (should I ever decide to turn it on)
  • Nova powers my code editing—and it's seriously the best
  • Transmit powers my FTP
  • Ulysses powers my writing