Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Privacy on the internet can be hard to come by, and while I live a very public life, I know not everyone does (or wants to). For that reason, I've done my best to limit the amount of information I collect on this website and who it is shared with. Modeling Mike Rockwell's excellent terms/policy page, this is a basic outline of where data is collected, why it's collected, and how it is shared (please note: I'm not as technical as Mike, so this isn't quite as detailed—not because I'm hiding anything, but simply because I honestly don't know).


Any emails to me are kept private. In the unlikely event that I want to quote you for some reason, I will always ask permission first.


I use Fathom Analytics for tracking. In their words, they offer "simple, privacy-focused website analytics for bloggers and businesses." I can't recommend them highly enough. These analytics don't use cookies, don't track individual visitors, and don't save any personal information. You can see an example of my dashboard below.

I do utilize affiliate links for links to Bookshop.org, which means I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.