Day 1

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Today is day one of a roughly 5 month sabbatical1 I’m taking to get back in touch with who I am. I’ve been contemplating a break for a while, and thankfully my job and tenure have allowed for the flexibility to take some time away (and still come back).

I don’t have a lot of plans yet. Really, kind of playing it by ear and seeing where the wind takes me. I have some aspirations—writing more, for one!—but I know I want to take advantage of this “free” time as much as I possibly can. Biking more, traveling a bit, spending lots of time with the pup. And if I can keep it up, I hope to document a lot of that here.

I’m still tidying up the place (new theme! and not much else, yet), so be on the look out for a refreshed gallery, perhaps some new pages to document my reading, and probably little tweaks here and there as I get back into the rhythm of blogging again. I’ll be adding more and more photos as I go, but I’ll try to call those out in new blog posts along the way. And while I won’t promise any particular writing cadence, I do hope to get into an almost daily habit of it—we’ll see how that goes.2

Today—Day 1!—was “get your life in order” day. I’ve done some organizing, some laundry, ran some errands. I bought groceries (what!) in anticipation of actually needing to make some of my own meals for the first time in 4+ years. I got the car cleaned. I went to the dentist (who, despite telling me I’m totally killing it, also told me I have two minor cavities I need to get filled next week, womp). And of course, I got a bike ride in.

The next few days will probably be pretty similar. And over the next week or two, I’ll start making plans for what the next 4+ months look like: where I’ll go, who I’ll see, and what I’ll do. Suggestions welcome!

  1. It’s been 7 months. Oops.
  2. Editor’s note, 1/8/18: clearly, that did not happen. But here’s to a fresh start in 2018.

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