A Speck of Dust
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A Speck of Dust

Someone totally gets me.

Alex Danco totally nailed it in the latest issue of his newsletter. I was feeling like garbage for most of yesterday and struggled to put my finger on exactly why. I think this is why:

I have it as good as it gets right now. And yet despite that good fortune – or maybe because of it – for that brief minute in the car, I was so angry and resentful and jealous of everybody in that line and their purposeful struggle against the drive thru.

And this:

Tiny little inconveniences and provocations are going to drive us crazy. Kierkegaard put in his diary once: “I can cheerfully struggle against a storm… , but the wind blowing a speck of dust into my eye can irritate me so much that I stamp my foot.” The smaller the affront, the more upset we get – because what we’re actually upset about is our inability to cope.

These are tough times to live through, even if you’ve got it relatively good. I think the psychological and emotional ramifications of COVID will be deep, dark, and long-lasting. But there is hope.